Matt (IPv4) Cowley

Community Platform Manager @ DigitalOcean 🦈 Maintainer of @ Cloudflare ⛅️

Developer Relations @ 📝 Open-source maintainer & avid supporter 💻

Community Management, Website Design & Development, Software Engineering 🖥

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SASS, PHP 5 & 7, NodeJS, Python 3.6 & 3.7

Stage Management, Production Electrics, Lighting 💡

Get in touch: [email protected]

DigitalOcean Community

Slack / Git / GitHub / RubyMine / Rails

DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting provider with an ever-growing community. I work remotely with the rest of the community team at DigitalOcean to manage the day-to-day operations of the community Questions & Tutorials sites, moderating new content posted to ensure all users have a great time as well as working with the engineering team for the community sites to bring better experiences to our users.

DigitalOcean Community - Cloudflare

Discourse / Slack / Twitter / Git / GitHub / WebStorm / Photoshop

cdnjs is a free and open-source CDN service that serves resources to 10.5% of all websites. I work for Cloudflare on contract to help maintain and moderate cdnjs, working with the community around the project through Twitter, GitHub and our Discourse forum. I also work with the sponsors of the project such as Algolia and StatusPage to ensure the CDN service and website are maintained. - Cloudflare

Git / GitHub is a simple project with the aim to allow anyone to request a subdomain for their project's website for free. The project is run by the GitHub user @indus along with myself. We manage the subdomains through a GitHub repository and a single file that tracks all the active CNAMEs. My main task is to review all new pull requests to enure they meet our standards.


WebStorm / JavaScript / NodeJS / VueJS / HTML / CSS3 / TypeScript / Git / GitHub

MagicCap is an open-source, versatile image/GIF capture suite for Mac and Linux. I originally started out as an open-source contributor to MagicCap, making minor changes to the CSS behind the UI. However, I soon became heavily involved with the project, responsible for the majority of the user interface but also the user experience that it provided. I now also handle a large amount of organization administration, reviewing PRs and managing error reports.



PyCharm / Python / Git / GitHub / Photoshop

Python has always been a language I love to work in and after setting up a load of DMX controlled lights in my office I needed a programatic way to control them all. With this in mind I found a basic Python usb wrapper for the uDMX device and built myself a custom, powerful Python module for controlling DMX fixtures using uDMX.



WebStorm / JavaScript (ES6) / NodeJS / Webpack / Babel / HTML / CSS3 / Git / GitHub

Creating a custom Javascript plugin to render macOS style notifications on a webpage. Written in ES6 making use of webpack and babel to allow most browsers to run the plugin. Created as an open source project to allow any user online to contribute to the project.